Diocesan Rally in Vryheid on the 25th of October

Thousands of Lutherans came together in Vryheid on the 25th of October for the annual Diocesan Rally.

The hall was packed to its capacity and some had to sit outside in a tent. The service with Holy Communion was led by Bishop P.P. Buthelezi. In his sermon he preached about the 5 sola (sola fide, sola gratia, soli deo gratia, sola scriptura and solo Christo), but concentrated on solo Christo! The Bishop preached about being free from earthly bondage and only to submit in faith to Jesus. He warned about the bondage in the church and becoming slave to the clergy and wrong teachings. Hi sermon was translated into English and Sotho. An outline of his sermon follows on the link below.


There were many visitors from overseas, from Germany, Sweden, Israel and the USA.

Below are photos from our 2015 Diocesan Rally.

After the service the Bishop was presented with a gift from the Diocese.