Prayer Men’s League ELCSA Church Wide Conference in Esikhawini College

On the 5th of September members of the Prayer Men’s League gathered in the Esikhawini College. The Hall was well filled and it was amazing to see Lutheran Men come together from all over the country. The Northern Province came in their droves and it was a joyous occasion. The day was opened with a church service and a challenging sermon by Bishop P.P. Buthelezi about standing for the truth.  We want to thank all who helped make this event a success, the speakers Bishop P.P.Buthelezi, Bishop M.D. Biyela and Rev. Musa Zondi, and all other Bishops, Pastors, Prayer Men who didn’t fear hours of traveling and especially thank you to the hosting Parish of Enkanyisweni who helped organize the event. Below you will find the climax of the Bishop P.P. Buthelezi’s  sermon and some pictures:

The silencing impediments of caution, prudence, and cowardice, will prevent us from speaking boldly for God in the presence of wrong. ELCSA needs people who can insist and are persistent in seeking the truth and solutions to her problems. The truth knows no structures/channels or protocols; it is just the truth and must be told as such. Truth is the truth even if told out of normal and official structures. Today ELCSA has men and women full of excuses; therefore they can’t speak the truth or stand for the truth. ELCSA in our days is an orphan without parents or siblings, no one seems brave enough to defend and protect her, but we are all vocal when we want to get something from ELCSA. Sin, wrong acts and evil doing must be treated the same no matter who did it. If you are ELCSA member you challenged to stand-up shame the devil whenever and wherever you see evil in the church.

God needs our voices, speaking plainly, that his voice may be heard. Not being able to defend and protect the Church means we can’t do that to each other! Love compels us to suffer for others! This we learn from Christ Jesus! Speak boldly and persistently for the voiceless. Truth can’t be caged! Stand and die for the truth! Let everyone hate you for telling, standing and defending the truth fearlessly! Amen!

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