A word from P.P. Bishop Buthelezi to all Exam students

On behalf of ELCSA-SED and myself I hereby wish all those writing their year end exams a great success, especially those writing Grade 12 in 2014. We pray for all of you that the Son of Mary, Jesus Christ Himself, the Son of God be with you as you write your final examinations.

Parents and adults writing different exams are a great inspiration to all of us, especially to their own kids, younger sisters and brothers. Education knows no age!

Am very proud of all those studying in order to write their exams. I pray that you do well in your exams. God bless you all.

Above all, I love you!

P.P. Buthelezi


Diocesan Rally 2014 in Maphumulo

On the 19th of October thousands of Lutherans in Maphumulo for our Diocesan Rally 2014

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The service with Holy Communion started at 08h30 with a procession.

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Our Bishop P.P.Buthelezi preached on Matthew 22,15-22 and preached on the question: What do we owe Caesar (government) and what do we owe God?

Sermon Bishop P.P. Buthelezi

Sermon Bishop P.P. Buthelezi

Jesus wasn’t asked this question, because the questioners wanted an informed answer. It was a question to trap Jesus into taking a explicit and dangerous stand, which would have either put him in danger with the Jewish leader or the Roman authorities.

After establishing that even today there is a need to support our government and politicians, the bishop asked the question what it means to give to God. As we are a created in God’s image, every human should devote himself, his life to God.

The bishop explained Luther’s Theology of the Two Kingdoms and contextualized it into the Theology of the Three Kingdoms (spiritual, traditional and political).

He preached on the need of equality of service delivery in rural and urban areas and challenged politicians to use taxes to uplift all communities. He challenged us not to allow that any power should destroy Gods image in us. That Christians should never lose their soul / God’s image in worldly powers and authority. Serving two kingdoms (political and spiritual) should never mean the loss of commitment to the living God.

After his sermon Bishop P.P. Buthelezi prayed for politicians who where present and for members of the different leagues, which were present.

After his sermon the congregation was blessed y a beautiful poem “I am a Lutheran” by BuhlebamaZwide.

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Dean N.M Myaka taught on the theme of next years Luther decade theme: Reformation and One world!

Dean N.M. Myaka

Dean N.M. Myaka

After the circuits danced their offerings into the tent the congregation celebrated the Holy Communion.

Everybody present enjoyed the fellowship and the Words that were shared.

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Diocesan Rally on the 19th of October

DIOCESAN RALLY! DIOCESAN RALLY! All the South Eastern Diocesan Lutherans from Eastern Cape, Free State, Mpumalanga and the whole of KwaZulu-Natal are invited to come in great numbers to their 2014 Diocesan Rally this Sunday the 19th of October 2014, at Sabuyaze High School near Maphumulo small town, the service will start at 8:30am with a procession. The Bishop will be the Preacher of the Day!

All Lutheran Politicians from all political parties and from all political and church levels are invited to this Diocesan Rally, they will be addressed by the Bishop and prayed for! We will also pray for the coming elections. So am expecting all Lutheran Parliamentarians, Mayors and Councillors, Politicians etc.

Even if ur not a Lutheran but willing, able and interested to come ur welcome to attend!

Imbila yaswela umsila ngokuyalezela! Phumani ngezindlela zonkana maLuthela kenizokhonza ndawonye as the Diocese! Koze kube nini ungumnqolo usonta eduze kwasekhaya njalo?

Hoping to the Prayer Women’s League (Abasizikazi), Prayer Men’s League, Young Adults, Youth League, Sunday School kids as well as Imbokodo as well! The Tent is big enough to accommodate all of you this Sunday.