Diocesan Rally 2013

Thousands of Lutherans followed the call to attend this years Diocesan Rally 2013 in Howick, Umngeni Circuit. The Hall which was set up for 5000 visitors was filled up quickly and the service started with a procession of acolytes, pastors, deans and Bishops of our Diocese.

After the procession had entered the hall, all dignitaries, guests from overseas, local politicians and VIP were introduced by Bishop P.P. Buthelezi to the present congregation. Amongst the visitors were 5 bishops, 10 Deans and visitors from Norway, the USA and Germany. The service commenced with the confession and forgiveness of sins led by Bishop S.P.Zulu. After the readings Bishop M.Buthelezi preached on Romans 3 about justification and salvation. He encouraged Lutherans to trust in Lord and to testify about their faith. He preached about being saved through faith in Gods grace, which he showed in his son Jesus Christ.

The sermon was well received and briefly translated into English by Rev. K.M. Zondi. The sermon was followed by the collection of the offering. All ten circuit danced their offering into the hall and filled the premises with joy and praise. Thereafter the service commenced with the preparation and distribution of the Holy Communion which was blessed by Bishop L. Sibiya.

This years Diocesan Rally 2013 was a huge success and all present were grateful for the well-organized event. Our gratitude goes out to the Bishops who led us in prayer, all deans and pastors present, all visitors who came from near and far, everybody who was assisting in the service. Special thanks goes to Umngeni Circuit under the leadership of Dean N.M. Myaka who hosted this event. It was well-organized and the hosting circuit treated all, that attended the event to a free meal after the service. No cost had been spared, thank you Dean Myaka and Umngeni Circuit. Last but no least we thank our present Bishop P.P. Buthelezi and the diocesan staff for organizing the event and the service.

If you weren’t able to attend the Diocesan Rally this year, just click on the pics below to get an impression of the event.


ELCSA-SED celebrates Luther-Decade with a Seminar

On the 26th of October Machibisa Lutheran Church in Umngeni Circuit hosted a seminar concentrating on Lutheranism and the Luther Decade. A full church was treated to an array of lectures about the history of Lutheranism, tolerance in our Lutheran church, the importance of Lutheran Liturgy and other reflections of Lutheran Theology. Speakers included Bishop M. Buthelezi, Bishop M.D. Biyela, Rev. Scriba, a written lecture by Bishop L. Sibiya, introductions for the day and importance of such a seminar by Bishop P.P. Buthelezi and Rev. K.M. Zondi.

The Seminar was an interesting overview and introduction to Lutheranism and Lutheran Theology. The seminar was rounded of by the friendly reception and catering of Machibisa Congregation. They treated all present to refreshments and a lunch. A “Thank you” goes out to all who made this day a success: the present Bishops, pastors, the chairpersons of the day, the congregation of Machibisa under the leadership of Dean N.M.Myaka, and all who help make this day a success.

The quality of the lectures was exceptional that it was decided that they would be compiled and made available to the public. More information on a publication will follow in due course.

For those who missed this Diocesan Seminar we attached photos of the well attended event. Click to enlarge.




Diocesan Rally 2013

The Diocesan Rally is going to start on Saturday the 26th at 09h00 at Machibisa and will end at around 17h00. Bishops, Lecturers and Choirs will fill this day for our minds and souls. On Sunday the 27th the service will start at 08h30. We encourage everybody to attend and bring a friend!