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4 thoughts on “Finance and Planing

    • Hallo Cynthia,
      Sadly I cannot update the information, because a member of the FPC needs to give me the information first. Sorry about the delay. Administrator

      • Hallo Administrator

        my last last communication with you was on the 03.02.2015 and the Finance and Planning page is still under construction 18 months later. I am so disappointed by the POOR service that we as members of ECLSA are recieving. The Prayer Women”s League Constitution copy is dated 1998 and is no longer in use but still on your page. Please do something about this asap.

  1. Hallo Cynthia Mphela,
    I am sorry that you are so upset with the website and it’s POOR administration. But let me reiterate on our previous conversation. It is not the administrators job to enter information that needs to be updated by the concerned committees. Please address your concerns to the FP-Committee at Umphumulo. If you would be paying for this service, I would understand your concern, but YOU are not paying for this service! The Website is maintained free of charge, that means nobody is paid to do this job and I administer it in my free time. (I spent days to construct this page and I did it for the love of the church, not to receive remuneration.) If you are available you can gladly communicate with the concerned committee to submit the required information (you will find the information under the Bishop’s Office tab). If you have an up-to-date, digital, authorised copy of the Women’s League Constitution please send it to me, I will gladly post it. This Website is for your convenience, nobody forces you to visit it, if the information is missing, please contact the relevant people in charge. I have written to all Circuits about sending information to the website. What I get is what I post! If the Finance & Planning Committee doesn’t submit any information, I am NOT authorised to post any information.
    Just a footnote, please Google other Dioceses of ELCSA, you will notice that most Dioceses don’t even have an own website.
    One last thought, you are very welcome to contact our honourable Bishop P.P. Buthelezi and ask him if you could assist with the maintenance of the website, then you can do a better job!

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