Diocesan Rally 2012

This years Diocesan Rally  took place in the Farmers Hall in Newcastle on the 28th October 2012. The host Shiyane Circuit had organized the Rally for our Diocese and all visitors were grateful for the well-organized event. THANK YOU Shiyane Circuit!

Bishop P.P. Buthelezi touched on the basis of our Lutheran believes and thereby highlighted the importance of the Luther decade. He elaborated on the Luther’s teachings on law verses gospel and grace. Just to highlight the sermon, the Bishop used a unique picture to explain the importance of the law. He compared it to his spectacles, which he said he aren’t necessary to live, but they make him see better and can protect him from obstacles, he otherwise wouldn’t recognize.

He preached about being slaves to different kind of masters and the only freedom to slavery which comes through Jesus Christ and our faith.

After the sermon the ten Circuits made their collections and brought with joy and celebrating the offering. The Treasurer was happy to announce that nearly 80% of the allocated budget was achieved.

The service ended with the Holy Communion and the blessing!

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