Ndlovini Parish

Ndlovini Parish

Ndlovini Mission was founded on the 21.June 1867 with the arrival of Rev. J.Kück. Services were held outside in the open and the first church was finally finished in 1869. Today’s Church and Parsonage were built 1937 by Pastor Rohlf Uken. ENdlovini Parish had in the past 6 congregations and preaching places, which were Ndlovini, Elomoya, Mhlathuzana, Manyonyo, Dlangubo and Oyemeni. In the 1990’s the latter three were reassigned to Mhlathuze Parish.

Today Ndlovini Parish is the smallest of all Parishes in Empangeni Circuit and consists of three congregations: Ndlovini, Elomoya and Mhlathuzana

Below you can see the church and parsonage as well as the history of pastors who served this Parish.

Aerial view of eNdlovini Mission

Aerial view of eNdlovini Mission


Other buildings in the Parish

Years                          Pastor                                                             Comment

1867-1879                 Rev. Johannes Kück                      Founder of eNdlovini Mission Station

1888-1894                 Rev. Heinrich Wilhelm Drewes     Died and was buried with his child on eNdlovini Mission Station

1908-1911                 Rev. Carl Hinrich Ohlhoff

1931-1939                 Rev. Rohlf Uken                  Built todays Church and Parsonage

1939-1939                 Rev. Wilhelm Christian Ullrich      Grandfather to Rev. S. Gensicke

1940s                         Evangelist Sibiya                 Got married in eNdlovini

1950s                         Rev. Cornelius Gule

1950s-1963               Rev. S. Zondi

1964-1971                 Rev. Z.Z. Maphisa

1972                           Rev. B.G. Langa

1972-1973                 Rev. Gumede

1973-1982                 Rev. A.M. Zibane

1983-1985                 Rev. C. Mbatha

1987-1992                 Rev. S. Xulu

1993-1996                 Rev. A.J. Mthethwa

1997-1998                 Rev. B.K. Ngubane             Got married in eNdlovini to T. Ngema

1999                           Vicar Z.T. Mabaso

2000-2004                 Rev. V.A. Mhlongo

2005-2010                 Rev. Stephan Gensicke

2010-  present           Rev. S. Ntuli

2012-2013                 Rev. W.P. Mkhize


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