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One thought on “Vryheid

    “Do not grieve, for the joy of the LORD is your strength” Neh. 8:10
    • To create a caring community where people can live and die in dignity based on Christian values
    • To make people aware that human being is created according to the image of God
    • Teaching about the nature of diseases and possibilities of help
    • Teaching about rights, privileges and responsibilities of SA citizens
    • Caring for chronically sick people, OVCs, people living in poverty
    • To develop people to stand on their own
    • To empower people to make valuable choices for their future
    • To strive for positive environment without stigma
    • To fight stigmatization of people infected and affected by HIV and AIDS
    • To assist those infected with HIV to accept their status and to live positive by facilitating a self-help group of PLWA with fortnightly meeting
    • To convey our Christian hope to the denying
    • To educate family members about the nature of the disease and the impact it has to the infected and affected
    • To support family members in caring for the sick
    • To promote HIV and AIDS awareness
    • To mobilize the community to participate in the struggle against HIV and AIDS
    • To promote Voluntary Counselling and Test services
    • To empower youth and let them grow spiritually and otherwise
    • 3 Monthly meetings were planned for Community Care Givers
    • Handing out 60 food parcels during monthly Pension day
    • 6 meetings for support groups per quarter
    • 3 monthly meetings for the board committee
    • Project had planned to do an average of 765 home visits by the Community Care Givers
    • Staff makes home visits to very sick clients together with CCGs
    • Handing out second hand clothes to the orphans and needy families
    • Planting vegetables and Artemisia in the garden
    • To keep our Care Centre clean
    • Teaching about HIV/AIDS, TB and healthy lifestyle during home visits and when people are coming to the office and counselling individuals
    • To keep in contact with all students supported by the project and ask them to assist us for watching at night in the care centre during school holidays
    • 5 Alpha course lessons
    • THE ASSET APPROACH AND PROJECT: 6 neighbourhood visits in the areas of CCGs, 3 days’ workshop for CCGs, Catalyst meeting with stakeholders

    The project staff made 18 visits to the sick people. The Community Care Givers made 1050 visits. During the home visits the massage about TB, HIV and AIDS, healthy life style, hygiene and other health related issues was delivered to the people. They were also advised and assisted in applying for grants, birth certificate and identity documents.
    3 Meetings have been held during this quarter and Community Care Givers attended. Topics discussed during these meetings are as follows:
    • The revision of our work done by the CCG’s
    • The practical lesson of ASSET Approach project
    • Devotion about David who thanks all what God did for him
    • Artemisia tea lesson
    • Lesson for uniform forms

    We have 19 CCG’s operating this quarter only one area which is not covered. We are continuing with our CCGs monthly meetings additional with 4 CCGs who are under the Department of Health, one of them left due by old age. They continued in serving the client’s needs and also ask to transport those who are from poor families to different Government Departments and health facilities.
    • Transported to Home Affairs 04
    • Transported to Social Welfare 10
    • Transported to Vryheid Hospital 12
    • Transported to Swart Mfolozi Clinic 26
    • Transported to Ceza Hospital 00
    • Transported to other 05
    Support group is meeting fortnightly and 5 meetings have been conducted during this quarter with an attendance of 5 to 8. They make also some work in the garden and hand craft during the meetings.
    Topics discussed:
    • Lesson on how to trust in prayer
    • Devotion about our body made by God’s image
    • Heard music and respond from it
    • Watched video and prepared vegetable garden
    • Exercising by doing hand craft
    • Devotion about hopeful
    The Project distributed 60 food parcels monthly to the Orphans and needy families during pension day. In this quarter 90 food parcels were from DSD while 90 from other donors. We only managed to organise 1 Memory Box Workshop for orphans due to the unplanned sick leave of our co-ordinator for orphans and children’s work.
    This month were already planted vegetables and Artemisia in our Centre garden. Mr Benson Dube caring those plants and keeps our yard clean.
    1 female student completed her studies in electrical engineering in September and is presently waiting for her results. She then needs to go for apprenticeship. 3 students continued doing their apprenticeship and 1 is going towards his exam in nursing in October this year.


    The ASSET APROACH Project was developed by one of our donor organisations, the German Institute for Medical Mission. The purpose of this approach is to build up and strengthen the awareness of the assets the people own in their community and their resources. It shall promote ownership and the people’s contribution in improving their health and their whole wellbeing. In order to create awareness in the community, we started to implement different activities.
    Our main target group are our Community caregivers. They are working with the community on grass root level. Besides taking care of the sick they are teaching on Health matters .They can mobilise the community and they are a link to the various social and religious entities and government Departments.
    With a Community facilitation team out of the full time staff we were holding 6 Neighbourhood meetings. They were organised by the Community Care Givers
    (CCG’s) in their working areas. The average attendance was 8 -10 Participants. We explained about Asset Approach and made exercises with them how they can deal with the help of this approach to become aware of their assets and by using them to cope with their challenges they face in their families and Neighbourhoods. We as a team learned a lot of people’s life in our community and the people felt considered and encouraged in their efforts to master their life. They asked us to come again.
    In the same time we explained this approach to the CCG’s during 2 monthly meetings and in
    The Participatory workshop on “ASSET APPROACH” in Thangami Lodge held from the 30th July to the 1st August with 21 CCG’s and 3 CHW (Community Health Workers), 2 Family Health nurses from Public Health Department, the Dean Emeritus J.J. Mbatha and his wife and 5 of our Staff. Among them was Thabo Zondo, a young university graduate, who had made a degree in Psychology and Philosophy. He makes presently a practical time in our Project. He is the main facilitator for all the activities we are doing in this ASSET Project. The participants of the workshop found the subject close to what they are exposed to in their daily life. They participated lively and their input was very valuable, as they are the experts of what is going on in the community. We all got a more detailed picture of our Community.
    In another monthly meeting we planned actions in order to improve some of the concerns we had identified earlier. One of the first actions we implemented was an invitation to 45 community leaders and stakeholders called District catalyst meeting to the Care centre. Among them were teachers, a headman from the Tribal authority, religious leaders, and health workers, police men/women, to mention some. About 30 followed the invitation. Together with our CCG’S we briefed them on the ASSET APPROACH and invited them to join us in conveying the message to their target groups and to give us advice and any help they can. Some of them volunteered to build a District Facilitation Team to accompany the implementations of our actions and to promote more actions.


    The ALPHA COURSE for young people was held 5 times on Saturdays. An average of 30 youth was attending the 10 times we met. We will continue also in the 4th quarter and going to finish before Christmas holidays. We hope that a seed was laid into their heart and by the grace and the power of God it will grow and call a new generation of Christians to be part of the kingdom of God.


    During the 3rd Quarter we counted 7 full time workers including our Security Guard at night and the General Assistant. The Children and Orphan Coordinator had to undergo an operation in the middle of July and was from then on sick leave. Mr T. Zondo who continued doing his practical contributed a lot in the running of the daily activities and especially in the ASSET Approach and Project. Our Program Manager Ms N. Mbatha went on leave in August in order to get married. She came back as Mrs Khumalo.

    Mr L. Msimanga who assisted us in the garden went for a 4 weeks English course to a language school in Durban. We were able to find another young man from the neighbourhood to work half day in the Care Centre garden. He works in the morning and is coming back in the late afternoon for watering. His name is Mr Benson Dube.

    According to our plans we have done everything beside the second Orphans memory workshop, the Orphan’s co-ordinator was not well to do it.
    The project continued in delivering help to the community. Although we are facing challenges in our work we thankful to God that we are healthy and capable in serving the needy and the poor in our community. We are thankful at the same time for every organisation that supports us with the necessary funds.

    Ms Nonhlanhla Khumalo
    Program Manager

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