The South Eastern Diocese has got 10 Circuits. Below you will find the Circuits and their respective Deans and Deputy Deans.

Íf you want to see enlarged photo just cklich on respective photo!

Deputy Dean N.S.Sithole of Durban Circuit not yet displayed.

They all were elected May 2012 – June 2012 and will serve a term of 6 years.


3 thoughts on “Deans

  1. USimakade abe nani zinceku. Psalms 23:1 “u Somandla ungumalusi wami angiyikuswela “. When the going gets tough just remember that verse in fact the whole chapter.

    Siholeleni ekuphileni kwaphakade siwubone wezulu. Ngawathanda amazwi esikhulumi esasivela eLTI kwi Synod yango 2008 where elected the Bishop wathi I quote “what we are doing today is not important, what is important is what Christ has done for us”.

    Singabe sisakunaka okwasezweni kodwa sinake okwasezulwini.

    Siyanithanda futhi siyanikhulekela njalo.

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