ELCSA Young Adults League Constitution

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Young Adults Constitution


12 thoughts on “ELCSA Young Adults League Constitution

  1. Hi everyone. I’m from Shiyane Circuit, and in this circuit the Young Adults League was introduced recently, infact it was introduced last week at the circuit rally at Osizweni. My problem is that most of us didn’t get the clarity about this league. Here are my questions:
    -How old should one be if he/she wants to join the league?
    -As it is called ‘YOUNG ADULT LEAGUE’ does it mean maybe it is the bridge between the Youth League and any of the two, Mens League and Womens League, i mean if u getting older you should move out of the Youth League and join the Young Adult League before joining the Mens or Womens League?
    Can you please brothers and sisters in Christ give me the clarity on that. Thank you.

    • Dear Sibusiso Shenge,
      I do not speak officially, but I think you’ve grasped the concept of the Young Adults League. I think many unmarried men and women who had reached an age whereby in other cultures they are considered adults, didn’t feel comfortable amongst the yozth league. Especially because some of their children had started to attend the same league. In the constitution of the Young Adult League the age is set with 35 years and above, but you can see that in many congregations from the age of 24-25 many have joined the young adults.
      They can and will be a very powerful group of our church! In the years before many have left the youth league and the church, because they didn’t fit in, I think this new League has got great potential.
      So much from me!
      Greetings Rev. S. Gensicke

    • This means that the Constitution need to be amended and consider the said factors regarding age. We don’t want see the situation where a league is not clear about age cohort.

  2. Yes, the constitution says from the ages of 35 and above, but there are some who are no more feeling comfortable in the youth, then they decided to join the young adults.

  3. I was attending the ELCSA Young Adults League Conference at Swaziland, from the 7th to the 9th of September 2012, people were commenting that even those who are having 25 years and are interested in joining the league are most welcomed.

    • They should be strict when it comes to the age issue, a 25 year old somebody still belongs to the youth and people of that age are the most active members of the Youth League, I mean if they allow them to join Young Adults the Youth League will be more likely to die. If it’s 35 they should let be so. Its my opinion.

  4. But still, to be strict is going to be another issue, I am saying this because there are some people who liked to be adults before time, who jumped the other stages. We do have young ladies and men who have already joined PML and PWL, just because they are confortable being there. I dont want to talk about young pastors and their wives, because its like it is a policy for them to join either PML or PWL young as they are. I think we should just ignore the issue of age, at the moment we are having some members who are between 55 and 60 years of age.

  5. I just like them more now. It’s amazing how rapidly their numbers grow, especially at our INkosinathi Lutheran Church in Newcastle. Big up to the young adults.

  6. Ofcourse it is really encouraging, what I like most about this group is that they are very much proud about the league, and what is left for us is to pray so that The Almighty give them power to face any challenge that they might have.

    God bless

  7. The issue of age is challenging yes and very contradicting because at the age of 13 you become a member of youth league after your confirmed so someone who is 28-30 will not feel comfortable being a member of youth league hence they now join young adult league. Previously our PWL and PML were discriminating against unmarried people that is why we having members aged 55+ in YAL. I do not think age really matters, all what matters is the contribution one can make to grow the kingdom of GOd.

  8. You are right my dear, their Motto says “I can do everything through Him who gives me strength” to my understanding it simply means that everyone should do anything good at anytime guided by the Lord.
    Thanks and God bless us

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