A Christmas message of our Bishop P.P. Buthelezi

To our overseas friends:

To all my personal and ELCSA-SED Overseas friends and partners in USA, Australia, Austria, Canada, Germany, India, Norway, Sweden on behalf of ELCSA-SED and myself wish you all and your families and relatives a very blessed joyous Christmas Eve, and Christmas as well as a prosperious New Year!

Our partnership and friendship keeps us together in Christ! Be blessed!

To the LTI Community

Merry Xmas LTI, teaching colleagues and supportive staff we really thank God for your patience understanding and standing firm in your calling. That none of you volunteered to resign or leave LTI till this time means more about your commitment to serve God and the church. We might have not gone through all the pain and suffering you yourselves went through but we heard about it and we are very proud to still count you in till this time! We also thank all your family members, yo spouses and kids for the understanding and support they give you, wishing you all God’s blessings during this Xmas!

To those who became victims and sacrificial lambs during 2015 in LTI, we pray for you not to lose faith in God, failure of church institutions to meet their responsibilities is not the failure of God. We as a Church may fail you but God will never fail you; he is always faithful to his promises.

Wishing all LTI Community a blessed new coming Year 2016. To you my colleague and brother Rev Mathews Rankubata Shabele, the LTI Principal, keep the faith and remain strong for the coming years.

To ELCSA Youth:

To all ELCSA Youth League Members, in all ELCSA Congregations, Parishes, Circuits and Dioceses as well ELCSA Youth in general I wish you all a very blessed, peaceful, safe and enjoyable Xmas!

To all youth leaders in all ELCSA levels thank you so much for leading the youth in spite of all challenges! Am hoping that God willing in 2016 we all will do our best to glorify God’s Name as youth!

Wishing all the clergy always available to serve ELCSA Youth in all levels God’s blessings; to all parents as ELCSA Youth League Chaplain I thank you for making yo kids available for the Lord and his Church and ordinary community.


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